German technology and formula

Outstanding temperature resistant to 330°C

Neutral formula; noncorrosive

Low odor

Suitable for oxygen sensor equipped engines

Optimum cure rate

Permanent elasticity

Excellent media resistance against petrol, diesel and biodiesel fuels, oils, grease, lubricants, water, seawater, sunlight and ozone.

Resists auto and shop fluids



Especially for sealing all joints in engines, gear boxes, drive axles, cylinder liners and plastic housings.

Excellently suited for rough sealing surfaces

All usage in all motors, modern vehicles and heavy duty



Tube 85g

Color: Dark gray


100% imported raw material

High performance up to 330 °C

Highly resistant to water, air, UV radiation and chemicals

High elasticity after curing

No shrinkage when fully cured



Suitable for sealing heat exchanger joints, electrical insulation, motor vehicles, cylinder heat gaskets, cooking utensil and flanges,


In 30 & 85 gr aluminum tubes, Gray