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Daqiq Chimie Company, affiliated to Fouman Chimie Industrial Group was registered in late 1998 and proceeded to produce different adhesives and glues under Caspian name using highest quality raw material and deploying the most advanced chemical compositions, and production methods under accurate International Quality Control procedures. It should be noted that Daqiq Chimie products have been used and approved by 300 reliable companies who all recommend Caspian adhesives.

Mazda Cartridge Gasket Maker Silicone

High temperature Resistant up to 330 °C
Highly Resistance to Chemicals
High Elasticity after Curing
No shrinkage when fully cured





Caspian Automotive Adhesive

Modified Oxim with Customized Formula for Car Trims
High Resistance Raw Material
Non Corrosive


Caspian All-purpose Silicone

100% Imported Raw Material
Durable, Waterproof and flexible
Humidity and High Temperature Resistance





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International Quality Production

Daqiq Chimie Co, backed by Iranian high quality  products, has been able to penetrate markets outside Iran and export its products to neighboring countries.

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